Why This Internship?

Today marks the first full week that I have now been in Bangalore. I arrived 2 weeks before the starts of my internship to allow me to spend some time with family that I may not have otherwise gotten to see and therefore am not yet able to reflect on my internship. However this doesn’t mean that my one week.has been in any way dull or uneventful. From meeting up with other Michigan interns to running around in a torrential downpour looking for a cab, I definitely feel I am already meeting my goal of being more independent and experiencing Bangalore more.

Additionally, this extra time has given me the chance to really slow down and reflect on why exactly I chose this internship in this place. Was it just the convenience of Bangalore? The safety net of knowing I had family so close by? That was definitely a part of it, but I think the modt valuable part of this internship will defjnitely be the fact that from the beginning, it feels that there has been a real effort on the part of the company we are working at to establish a personal connection and make sure we are doing work that we feel good and proud of doing. Although I haven’t been given the exact details of what I’ll be doing, I always had this misconception that being an intern meant doing busywork that nobody else wanted to do. However, I am so excited about the fact that it seems I will gain skills and industry experience that will be extremely applicable further down the line.

Rhea K

Interning in the summer of 2017 with Mahindra First Choice in Bangalore, India.

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  • May 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    I’m glad you have a good impression of the company! It can definitely make the transition a lot easier. Even though you have your safety net, I hope you experience something that you never would have expected! 🙂


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