Work on the Water in Rijeka Croatia

Today is my first day on the job, and beyond my colleagues that I’ve met and the work I’ve been assigned, nothing has made a bigger impression on me than the location of where I’ll be working for the next two and a half months. I have always felt I do my best work when I am in a space that I feel comfortable in. That’s probably true for most people but personally, being in a space that has an abundance of sunlight and natural beauty in the background has always had a significant positive impact on my mood. That is why I am especially grateful to be working in such a pleasant environment.

My office is located within Kantrida Pools, a beautiful modern swimming and training facility located on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Just outside my office is a deck that opens up to a beautiful view of the Adriatic with Rijeka, the city where I live, to the southeast, and the town of Opatija and the Istrian Peninsula to the southwest. I am eager to discover what I will be working on for the summer, but no matter how things turn out, this gorgeous view will always be there to refresh me. 

I’ve always loved traveling, specifically around water. That was a big draw to my internship, as I’ll be working for a travel company that seeks to grow Croatia’s tourism market, which is centered around its beautiful coast. One of the biggest perks of my internship is that I’ll be able to explore parts of Croatia with people who specialize in knowing exactly what it has to offer. My most important goal is to take advantage of that as much as possible, in addition to developing my writing and marketing skills over the course of my internship. I’m grateful that my boss is willing to let me choose to work on projects I want to so that I’m able to develop these skills as much as I am able. It’ll certainly be great to have the chance to travel as part of my work; it will definitely serve as a nice break from the day to day of work in the office.

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  • May 25, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    That’s such an incredible view! You’re so lucky to have this view to refresh yourself. Hopefully you enjoy your work, and you definitely can apply your writing and marketing skills, even beyond your internship.


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