At the Office: Blog Post 3

So, I just finished week 3. The office dynamics are great. I have been working with my boss to make book covers, videos, and now maps. I’m getting so much better at working on different programs in the Adobe Cloud. Coming to India, I was not really sure what my job would entail. Without being in Chennai, it was difficult to understand the details of the projects I am working on. Now, at almost the halfway point (I can’t believe I’m already saying that!) I feel much more comfortable at work and in the city.

At the beginning, something I really struggled with was getting around the city to do my job. I had a difficult time setting up my mobile service so I could map myself everywhere. Also, I felt pretty uncomfortable walking around having so many people staring at me all the time. However, now I’m getting more used to it and am better able to react to things people say to me on the street.

I am exciting to continue working on the projects I have gotten into here. Also, I feel like I am having a cultural awakening every day when I hear about the politics of India. Can’t wait to see where these next few weeks take me.

One thought on “At the Office: Blog Post 3

  • May 25, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Glad you’re becoming more comfortable with your surroundings! I definitely understand how awkward it can be for people to just stare at you when you’re walking around; it really makes you think about your identity. Be safe and don’t get lost!


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