Day One at Hagerty- Traverse City is…

Amazing! In one word, that is how my first day at Hagerty – a classic automotive insurance company – was. With an 8:30 am orientation fueled by two, maybe three, caffeinated beverages, the day started off fresh and exciting.

This is my first time in Traverse City. These were my first steps at work:

Fig. 1.1 That first red car: 1967 Toyota 2000GT, yours for only $999,000!

When I first set foot in the reception area, I noticed three awesome cars, mounted and displayed engines, retro posters, and more car literature laying around than anyone could ever imagine. These guys were for real.

Today was mostly filled with listening and taking notes about all the facets of the company from top to bottom, large and small alike. I learned so much about the company’s culture, finances, and was introduced to so many specific parts of the large machine that is business and corporate automotive insurance.

Despite a lot of numbers, there were tons of opportunities to socialize with managers and other interns. I got to speak with various employees from marketing, IT, Private Client Services, HR, Digital Media, and so much more! The people who work here are actually so passionate about classic cars (and of course boats, motorcycles, etc. etc.) and it shows. Everyone was so happy and polite in every department we visited on our tour of the campus and various workplace environments.

I’m excited to start with some meetings, observations, and shadowing tomorrow of people who are at the head of my team (Member Experience). Our team will work very closely with marketing and HR, because we’re involved with the clients, their feedback, promoting the brand towards the members, and making sure our clients are happy! And of course, I’m very excited to meet more people!

To be honest, I could probably live at work seeing as there’s a gym, free coffee, free oatmeal, great food options, and even a $900k ’67 2000GT with black leather seats just waiting for me to fall asleep in.

We’ve got a busy week ahead and I can’t wait to geek out on an excessive amount of car stuff all day tomorrow.

Last Thoughts: There’s something about rock ‘n roll and muscle cars… black betty, barracuda, mustang sally… watch out, marketing team!


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  • June 9, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Sounds like such an exciting start to your internship! Can’t wait to hear more.


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