Goals and the First Day on the Job | #1

In order to contribute fully to a company, it is important for me to be knowledgeable about that company. Today, being my first day, I came into the office with a vague understanding of what Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor does, but had little knowledge of the true impact that this company was truly making in the Cleveland area. HTC is a small company, comprised of only 4 workers and me, the marketing intern. I learned that HTC is often thought of as a resource connector. HTC connects ideas and innovation from companies with the resources a company needs to operate: finances, office space, marketing outlets. The Health-Tech Corridor is a region in Cleveland that is currently being built up with renovated or new office buildings and more company headquarters. Additionally, HTC is a branch under MidTown Cleveland which works to urbanize this MidTown area with city planning strategies, such as Food Truck Tuesdays, HTC banners around the area, or businesses that bring people to the area such as museums, restaurants, and coffee shops. I met with my supervisor this morning to hear a presentation about what HTC does, the businesses it has partnered with, and what is being done to renovate MidTown Cleveland now and in the future. After hearing about these companies and seeing pictures of what the area will eventually become, I went on a driving tour around MidTown Cleveland. The run-down, largely construction-based feel that I initially felt when driving to work that morning had transformed. Instead, I noticed newly renovated buildings, I recognized what that construction would become, and I drove past prestigious businesses I had not before known were located in this area.

From this first day at HTC, I hope to gain a better understanding of Cleveland through learning about the businesses that inhabit it and what factors have led to its revitalization. Additionally, because HTC is a small company, I am tasked with more head-on responsibility. With this heightened responsibility, I feel that I can have a large impact here at HTC. I hope to accomplish further growth in Cleveland through advancements in marketing strategies and event planning initiatives.

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  • May 25, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    Best of luck – I look forward to reading about your experiences with HTC!


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