Life in the Valley I

I landed in California on Wednesday so I can adjust to everything-culture, atmosphere, and weather. I explored San Francisco, San Jose, and got to go to Mt. Tam, the highest point in California with a couple of people who created an Instameet, an event where photographers come together and take some shots, hosted by @AndyTo (@beautifuldestinations).

My first day at the company was very uneventful. My Linux distribution on Git Bash was version 12.04 and the Linux distribution that I have to dual-boot with contains version 16.04; the company uses 14.04. I spent the majority of my time upgrading Git Bash to the proper version and I spent the time reading documentation on the company and its products. After I got it set up, there was more other software to install and set up. I ran into more problems and things weren’t working as planned. I planned to take 3 hours to set everything up and nothing was setting up properly. It took me the whole day to get everything figured out. I felt very defeated and stressed at the end of the day because it took so long and it didn’t seem that hard on paper. But, as I was driving back home, a friend told me that work life is very different from college life. The pace is much slower, and on some days, if feels like you aren’t doing much and you get bored. I felt a little burden lifted off of me and that this was only the first day. Another friend told me that he didn’t even get his computer set up until the end of the week. I’m guessing that the first week of anywhere you go is very hectic and can cause anxiety. I’m hoping that next week will be better and that once I get into the pace of things, it will become better.

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