There’s a Lot to Do! | #2

As an intern, I did not expect to have that much interaction with other companies alone. However, I have represented my company in multiple negotiations and client visits as the sole representative of Cleantech (the company where I work at). In general I did not expect to have so much autonomy in the company. But along with the increase in responsibility, comes an increase in working hours. Usually I have nine to ten hour days but sometimes it can go up till twelve. Working so long, you are bound to make mistakes. Given the autonomy I have, it is up to me to catch all my mistakes. Otherwise, when it’s time for my boss (or his superiors) to review the bill for the projects I have completed, there would be a lot of problems. Whenever I have questions that I cannot find the answers to, I ask my boss or a more experienced intern. I have always found them to be supportive.  

I did expect the environment to have a “startup” feel because it is a relatively new and small company. Also, learning to navigate Singapore by myself has, as expected, been a challenging yet rewarding experience.

I attached a picture of one of the site visits I went on. At the client’s site, I was greeted by the head engineer of the site for a company that Cleantech outsources construction projects to. Here he briefed me on the engineering challenges of the project we were working on. From there I met with several engineers and salespeople from many companies on how best to complete the project at hand. Throughout the site visit, meetings, paperwork, and negotiations I was the only representative of my company. Needless to say, I have never done this at home!

Every morning I take the MRT to work. It’s like taking the buses at Michigan right after an exam is over except it is every single morning. People squeeze themselves into the cars so tightly there really isn’t room to stand. Since I usually walk to all my classes (except the ones on North Campus) this morning commute is pretty new for me.

Not all things are bad though. I get to try new restaurants every day and there are always a lot of options to choose from! There’s a picture of me waiting for my chicken satays to finish grilling.

My fellow intern in business development is interesting. Having grown up in Singapore his whole life, he is full of stories and opinions on the Singaporean lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

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  • May 23, 2017 at 5:18 am

    Wow! Sounds like you are doing a lot there. Long days at the office are something I have had difficulty adjusting to. I just have to stand up and go for walks once in awhile. Good luck with the rest of your experience.


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