Blog 1: Goals as an Intern – Hour Media

I have completed my first, three-day week as a custom publishing intern for Hour Detroit Magazine. As I start on my second week, I am reflecting on my beginning experiences, as well as considering my future ones, in order to form some goals: one in regard to something I hope to gain, and another that defines something I hope to accomplish. For my ‘senior project’ at the end of my Detroit Country Day High School career, I job shadowed the art director and her crew for around one month. Although there was not an abundance of work for me, I remember feeling proud as I read my name as a contributor on the succeeding issue of Hour. Now that I have the opportunity for a longer, more in-depth internship with Hour, I hope to greaten the number of aspects of this magazine that I take part in. By having a wider range and greater quantity of tasks, I hope to earn credibility and gain experience as a young journalist, which will thereafter lead to more journalistic opportunities for me. Another goal is to complete a thorough and impressive resume by the end of this summer. I know how important it is to have an impactful LinkedIn page, or credible references for potential employers to allude to, and I would ideally achieve this before entering my sophomore year of college.

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