How I Almost Shut Out My Company | #2

Whoops! Talk about your first mess-up in your internship and how you resolved the issue.

I honestly thought I’d never write a post about this one because I’m a double-checker, but here I am writing about my first mess-up. I’m usually very, very careful with things, but sometimes when I’m in the moment, I forget my main purpose. Let me explain.


Due to company privacy, I can’t go too deep into what my task was all about, but what I can say is a general gist of things. I am currently in charge of a HUGE project that, if executed well, can successfully increase our sales exponentially into the future. It’s a pretty simple project, but it’s complicated in that it involves participation from the public. And in order to make this project run through as seamless as possible, I needed to “pretend” I was a consumer or any person from the public, really, and see how our project should be explained to them. Basically, my job was to write up e-mail drafts and instructions so clear that any person off the street could participate easily. We need the public’s participation because this project is completely fool-proof in that it will actually shut down a company’s access to this project completely if any company attempts to ‘rig’ results by having a staff participate. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL that anyone who participates in the project is not any of the staff, near the staff’s office, near the staff’s home, and so on. We have to be extremely careful as to not trigger this fool-proof alarm, even if it’s by mistake or proximity.


So here I am, walking through the steps and jotting down notes on how to explain to potential participants the process of the project. Everything is fine until I forget that I’m doing this for the public and that I’m not the public. So I hit a button that sends a signal to the project holder that I participated, and I’m freaking out because I am a staff and this was done in the office– two rules broken! It was literally the most stressful time of my life but things pulled through quickly (in a good way). After frantically trying to fix the issue, I finally found an “undo” the process and that saved me life. If I had never found it…gosh, I don’t even want to think about it. But now I know– don’t be too focused ’cause you can lose track!


Had no real picture with be freaking out but here is what my everyday workspace looks like! 🙂

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  • June 23, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    What an awesome post! Thank you for sharing your “whoops!” moment!


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