Blog 1: goals

My Internship started on May 22, 2017. Going in to my first day there was one goal I had in mind that I would like to accomplish throughout the course of my internship. In Dr. Randall S. Hansen’s article, Making the Most of Your Internship, he listed getting as much exposure as possible. This focuses on what I’d like to accomplish because I am working in a field that I am unfamiliar with and the more that I learn about federal probation and what the officers do, I will be getting maximum exposure. We get to go to court and listen in on hearings about different cases which is great exposure for the field. Additionally, networking is what I hope to gain. There are many different people working in the probation office that specialize in different tasks like pre-sentence writings, meetings with defendants, and interviews in the prison. If I can network with all of these different kinds of people, then I can find out what I am most interested in and keep those connections with certain people. This week I have already received a business card from a social worker, all because I networked and explained that social work is an area of interest for me.

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