Blog #4 Interview Outside the Organization

As caught up as I have been with all the work I have been doing for AthletesFirst, I have gotten the chance to step into another line of work and talk with a broker for a real estate company in Newport Beach, California. This line of work is much different than the business that is done at AthletesFirst. While interviewing my contact I asked what he loved most about the job he does. He told me that the best part of his job is the joy that he sees in his client when they get a new house. He says that it’s a look of pure joy. Another question that I asked was, how do you not get discouraged when your are not able to sell house or if no one is buying at the time? He said that there are many more people than houses close by and that means that eventually someone will buy a house. He told me that it is tough to try and be friendly and be rejected in the end. The obstacles that he faces in the real estate business are extremely different that the sports agency business. It was a great pleasure to get to look into this profession and now I am able to use all of this new information and put it towards my steps in life.

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