What’s to come | #1

This internship will be my first internship experience outside of Turkey. Having interned in similar companies before, I believe I have some idea of what to expect, ranging from various fields of research, extensive work with spreadsheets, slideshows and other Microsoft Office related work. It’s fairly typical for an intern business development/data analysis or other similar positions, but I’m confident in these skills I’ve honed over two summers of interning. However, this position I will work at in Auerbach Grayson should bring some new challenges about, mostly due to work environment and different type of work that should incorporate elements from the Financial Valuation class I took in my last semester.

In these upcoming 2 months or so, I will be experiencing life as a college student in Manhattan, which is a stark contrast to the college town lifestyle I’ve had so far in Ann Arbor. Nevertheless, being independent in one of the US’ largest cities should prove to be a refreshing and unique experience. However, to focus on the internship more, I’m excited to put new skills I’ve learned during the academic year to use in a practical environment.

Otherwise, I aim to be a good teammate or leader as various situations in the daily routine occur: I want to be able to experience leadership opportunities as well as working well in a team together, like I’ve done in my various extra-curricular organisations. From what I know, I should have plenty of opportunities to prove myself as a good teammate and leader. I’m looking forward to flying out to Manhattan next month and starting my internship!

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