A Day Before Hong Kong | #2

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my 2017 summer plans – a study abroad and internship program in Singapore and Hong Kong. The past weeks in Singapore was nothing but fun… and hard work. Late night on May 11, I arrived to Singapore – excited to meet new people, explore what Singapore has to offer and learn more about business in the class I’m taking.

On May 13, my group and I went to Sentosa Island! It is definitely one of the greatest tourist attractions in Singapore. The weather was so warm and humid, but it was the perfect time to go outside and bond with new friends. To get to Sentosa, we were able to get a glimpse of Singapore from many feet above by riding the cable car. It was so awesome! When we arrived, we learned about Singapore History and went through a maze of wax figures of famous people. The aquarium was typical, but still fun running around making awful puns with the sea creatures we saw. After lunch at Toast Box, we ended our trip by going to the beach (picture below). So freaking cool.

The past two weeks have been a blur; we would all go to class five days a week from 9-4 with a lunch break in between. Sometimes, instead of class, we got to visit popular companies situated in Singapore. So far, my two favorites were Hilton and HP: Center of Excellence. Hilton wowed me with their bougie-ness, giving us fancy water bottles, snacks including their infamous cheesecake bites. HP showed me so much more of their company – the designs they are doing are phenomenal. Additionally, they have this program called HP SmartStream Mosaic that generate a mosaic pattern seed in less than five minutes which then can create over 90,000 different designs! Oh, and they fed us lunch.

Class has been more rough, though. I’m more of a quantitative person, so this “Doing Business in Hong Kong and Singapore” was not my strong suit. However, I did learn more about the business world and what’s been happening. I will admit, it’s not my favorite class and the readings and 3 hour lectures can get a bit intensive and stressful. Yet, I still enjoyed my experiences studying with friends and complaining about similar things.

Unfortunately, my two weeks has come to an end. Tomorrow morning, in approximately 10 hours, I will be jetting off to Hong Kong with my fellow group mates. I’m excited to be done with school (unfortunately, still some assignments left) and get ready for the work field. Maybe I’ll like it? Maybe I won’t? I really hope I do since I’m a bit of a workaholic. I love being kept busy and doing quantitative work. I’m feeling giddy – on Monday, I will officially start a job that I hope to be doing when I graduate from college. Seems so scary… and exciting. Isn’t that a weird feeling?

I’m going to end this post here as it is getting kind of long. Excited to update my third post – the next time I do, I would have lots of work experience, Hong Kong life and other things to talk about.

Oh, before I forget, the food here was SUPERB. I can’t describe all the things I’ve tried already, my personal favorite being nasi lemak. I ate so much fresh salmon sashimi and sushi here… It’s so wonderful. The sad thing is, sushi probably comprised of at least 1/5 of my meals… I’ve also had my taste of fishball noodle soup, which is now one of my favorite foods. And a few days ago, I went to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ buffet… Now that was a GREAT meal. Also tried some chili crab (famous in Singapore) along with so many other things… Bubble tea here is so cheap and so is food in general. I wish I branched out more and tried more foods instead of eating sushi 5-6 times, but I know I’ll have many more opportunities in Hong Kong. Here are some pictures to make you hungry!

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