Blog Post 1: Goals and Aspirations While Interning At Makovsky PR Firm

Throughout my internship at Makovsky, I hope to tackle each tasks with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. From prior experience working for different companies, I find that both interns and employees who are pleasant to work with and be around give off the strongest impressions. No one wants to help or build relationships with interns who are not passionate and enthusiastic about their work. This is important while establishing myself in the work force as an employee worth hiring. First impressions can be everything, and I plan to show my dedication to the company by displaying professionalism. I also plan to take initiative and stand out against the other interns working beside me. One of my strong suits is my creative nature and ability to problem solve and tackle tasks with a unique mindset, and I plan to make that known to my supervisor and others around me.

As of now, I am majoring in communications and have a specialized interest in PR. By Interning at Makovsky and asking as many questions as I can about the company and each individual PR branch, I hope to gain knowledge about this field of work and decide if I am still interest in pursuing the major.  I also plan to network as much as possible. Even if I decide Makovsky is not a great fit for me, I want to establish professional relationships in the communications world, as it will help with future job-hunting and is also a great source for advice on alternate career paths.



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