Diversity at an Immigration Firm.| Blog 3

Maria Backman

ALA 225 101 SP 2017

26 May 17


Blog 3: Diversity


Interning in New York City has afforded me the opportunity to interact and meet people from many different backgrounds and be immersed in a work environment that thrives in biodiversity. It is always interesting learning the stories of my co-workers and co-interns on their career history’s and future career paths. All coming from different backgrounds; several attorneys have origins in the Mediterranean while some are from the Caribbean. Topics of discussion are always interesting because the range in variety is so vast. Most dealing with law of course, the insight that is brought into conversations is one of experience so claims and viewpoints are knowledgeable. The work that I have been assigned deals with the granting of different visas to foreign internationals, specifically Japanese immigrants. With the work, I am responsible for creating and editing forms that the USCIS requires all applicants to have and provide when requesting admittance into the U.S. In drafting these forms, sometimes several law codes from different governments must be considered, so awareness of some foreign policy is important. I am also afforded the opportunity to expand my network and meet other people with different backgrounds in the weekly chamber meetings that take place in Midtown. These events can be lively with many of the members chatting with one another enthusiastically while others can be somewhat dull and lacking the conversational aspect. But working in the melting pot of the world has definitely been one that has opened up many doors to experiencing things that I am not familiar with.

One thought on “Diversity at an Immigration Firm.| Blog 3

  • May 26, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I found your blog interesting for the emphasis it places on diversity. Many people view diversity as a good thing, but I’m not sure if they know why they have that view. Sure, there is a sense in which diversity is good in itself. Valuing diversity implies valuing people of different backgrounds, which can only be helpful. But, I think your post contains an insight about an additional benefit of diversity. That is, diversity opens new pathways for knowledge and learning. People of different backgrounds can share their experiences and, in general, more perspectives and ideas result in better outcomes. You mentioned the variety of discussions you got a chance to experience, I think you would agree that they, and by extent the knowledge you gained from them, were only possible through the diverse work environment at your firm. In short, I found your blog post thought-provoking and I hope you can continue to experience the multifaceted benefits of diversity for the remainder of your internship.


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