The Environment in the Fashion Industry | Blog #2

After two full weeks interning at Wetherly Group, I have been able to recognize the physical workspace easily. We have a large open office layout, in addition to two large showrooms, with a third and fourth currently being built. The showrooms are stuffed with clothes, shoes, and bags (which unfortunately I cannot post pictures of as some items are exclusive and have not been released yet!). I love the open layout of the office. It is very bright and happy and allows the workers to engage with one another, which I greatly prefer over singular cubicles that to me, segregate the workers from each other. Each employee has their own personal desk space, but co-workers are just a reach away. The office is very fast paced, which I like-it keeps things exciting and busy! At any time, there are editors and other interns coming into our showrooms to pull pieces for launches and magazines. While at first I thought it was a little chaotic and overwhelming, I have grown acustomed to it.

In the future, I definitely want to work in an office space similar to Wetherly. In addition, I would love a company that did outings together or other activities. While I am not sure if Wetherly does or not since it is still early into the internship, I definitely want a work culture that sponsors friendships in and out of the office. My third week starts in a few days and I will be joined by another digital intern. While at first I was disappointed that I would now have to divide up my responsibilities and not be my boss’ right hand woman, I realize that I can make new connections with the new intern, accomplish more tasks more quickly, and still prove to be invaluable to my supervisor. It is all what I make it out to be!

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  • May 28, 2017 at 12:10 am

    My office space is very similar. I was uncomfortable at first, especially when making phone calls, because I felt a bit pressured having everyone in the office listen to my conversation but I have learned to love it. I believe it generates an inclusive work space that promotes the teamwork that is needed in such a high-stress industry. Glad to read someone else is experiencing something similar to me!


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