Summer Goals #1

This summer I will be entering a new, unfamiliar field. The field I am entering is one that has a big reputation that needs to be upheld. I am working for InStyle magazine, one of TimeIncs magazines. The magazine industry is one that is said to be prestigious, fast paced, yet always exciting. My goals that I have for this summer differ slightly than the goals I made last summer (for my first internship). This summer being my second opportunity at an internship I have guided my goals accordingly. First, I would like to make a lasting impression. The magazine industry is one that I always dreamed of being part of and now with my foot in the door I hope that I can make the people I work for remember my name. Another goal that I have is making connections. It is up to me to make something of this internship and I need to leave my comfort zone and make my own connections. I am going to use this summer as a chance to learn exactly what I want out of my future and hopefully become one step closer to achieving it.

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