There and Back Again: A Pumford’s Tale Intro

I have the extraordinary opportunity to work in Ottawa, Canada in the office of Senator Mobina Jaffer!

This will be my first full-time job, first government job and first government job at the federal level! I had just spent two years living in Ontario, and I am very excited to go back there to work in the nation’s capital!

As for the job itself, I will be performing whatever tasks the Senator needs done! This includes researching legislation, writing blogs, speeches, questions to be asked in Parliament, drafting letters and other articles! I will also attend any meetings that she needs me to attend.

In the internship I will also be attending a variety of meetings, dinners and discussions with a series of top-ranking Canadian officials. I will also be visiting cultural and historical sites in the city!

I am looking forward to embarking on this trip! I am of Canadian heritage and have always strongly identified with this country. I recall walking into a global internship fair, seeing a giant Canadian flag and thinking to myself, “I have no idea what that internship is about, that that is EXACTLY where I am going to intern.” Turns out that it is exactly the style of internship I wanted to do!

Stay tuned for more updates!




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