Having gotten the first few introductory weeks of my internship out of the way, I’m beginning to develop relationships with my coworkers and build my role into the office. Having proven myself a bit with different articles, some of my coworkers now trust me and treat me more as a peer than an intern. Work’s been going very well and the boss as well as some others on the staff are definitely looking out for me in terms of taking the time to teach me more of the skills that I really came here to learn like developing a clear angle on a story, creatively and strategically thinking of who to reach out to for quotes and interviews and thinking about my articles from a professionally editorial perspective and really understanding why an editor might change, delete, or add something.

Other than work, I’m actually moving out of my hotel into a house with six other expats today. It’s a super diverse house with my six soon-to-be roommates coming from Germany, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands and Ireland. I think it’ll be a pretty cool experience living with people from all over the world, especially since we’re all so far from our origins, or at least most of us are.

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