Initial Thoughts | #1

“Describe your internship and what drew you to this opportunity”

What I find most difficult about being a Communications major is finding what specific area under the large Communications umbrella it is that I want to be a part of. I believe that the only way to reach this decision is through real-life experiences and essentially by “testing the waters” in different possible areas of the field.  Knowing this, I started looking for an internship towards the end of second semester that would provide me with the real-life learning experience I desperately needed.  I was given the opportunity to intern at a firm in Miami that specializes in developing and executing unique ideas in four different departments: Events, Travel, Public Relations, and Art. Although my position is simply titled “Intern”, I’ve quickly realized that I am able to wear many hats despite my very broad title. Whether it be working on a press release that shares the news of a fashion designer’s upcoming collection, attending walk-throughs at venues where the vision for a prestigious event will soon come to life, or speaking to high-network guests at an event, I am learning something new every minute of the day.

I was terribly nervous my first few days. I was too intimidated to speak up at a team meeting and made sure to not do anything around the office unless it was asked of me. After just a week, I gained the confidence I needed to pitch ideas I believe could work to the team, make decisions about a project I am working on in the office on my own, and be proactive throughout the day by seeking out possible assignments I can work on, rather than wait for one to be assigned to me. Some days I work on our Miami Fashion week invitations, participate in team meeting, or review press releases. On other days, you can find me at the opening of an “Atelier” in Coral Gables, or at a gala for Miami’s most iconic and impressive place at the moment, The Frost Science Museum. Whether it be a typical day at the office, or getting to work an exciting event for one of our clients, my internship always keeps me on my toes and I am really excited to see how the rest of my experience unfolds.

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