My First Week at FCA | Blog #1

My first week at Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles was amazing! Though I have had interned at previous companies it was never at a company with such large, global scale like FCA. I remember walking into the auditorium for our intern orientation on our first day and just being in shock by the number of interns there actually were. With over 400 interns for the company and 30 in my department alone, I knew I would have a great support system in my reach.

On Thursday, I met my supervisor and we discussed our goals for the summer. I was really excited about being given my first project to do some cost-reduction analysis as it was appealing to me as Economics major. Finally, on Friday, I also attended a diversity seminar and there was also a cultural show going on in the middle of headquarters. That moment made me proud to be an intern at FCA because of the great diversity that is present at the company. Overall, I am looking forward to a great summer here at FCA!

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