2| Routinely Different

With a full two weeks under my belt here at the office, I find myself getting into a routine in the morning that is quite similar to the one I had in Ann Arbor:

  1. Wake up. No seriously, get up.
  2. Coffee time! A necessary step.
  3. Stick head out window. Gauge weather. Assemble outfit appropriately.

but then there’s the additional elements…

  1. Holy crap the train is about to leave. Run!!
  2. No, just kidding. The train is now late. *feels failed by the system*
  3. The train is here. It is packed. *Squeeze next to disgruntled passenger*
  4. So. Close. Must. Make it. To. Tram!
  5. Work time & on time, as usual. *puts on shades* *struts*

Okay, so maybe that last step is also a bit familiar.

Anyway, while there are many elements in my day-to-day that are strikingly similar to those back home, I also find myself falling to a routinely un-routine afternoon pattern. For example, after heading out of work last Wednesday I decided to get off at a stop I normally don’t a take a walk through Treptower Park. As I was walking I started hearing some club-esque music, and soon enough I emerged into a clearing where people were laying around on the grass, relaxing, and also having an electronic music dance party. Obviously I had to join in. While it was nothing crazy in and of itself, I’m always tickled and inspired by all the fun little niches Berlin has to offer.

I think my sometimes-spontaneous afternoons are a good thing since my daily internship tasks last week and this week are exactly the same every day: literature searches. This is only the first step of many that are necessary to write a systematic review based on PRISMA guidelines, which is what we’ll be working on for the rest of the summer. Although it is only the first step, it’s hugely important and requires a lot of diligent focus; this has been an element of my internship that I’ve had to actively work on, and it’s certainly made me realize ways I can improve my work efficiency. For example, plenty of research evidence states that focusing for long periods of time will make you less efficient at focusing and accomplishing tasks; one way to combat this is to take small breaks of 10-15 minutes to gaze out a window, take a short walk, or read a book chapter for leisure. I’m anxious to implement these strategies in my day-to-day to not only improve my work performance but also my state of mind. It feels good to take psychological knowledge into the real world.

Speaking of my day-to-day, I’ll end this post with some pictures of my typical work day:


Not the best picture of our office view, but I had to include it since you can see this majestic bird swooping up to the nest it made right above our window


My desk. Already has a fine collection of junk on it. The post card says “For a night in the middle of the Earth”–one of many advertisements for the “Long Night of Sciences” hosted by the university. We’ll be there trying to recruit participants for our study.


Our lovely building. As you can see from all the glass, we get plenty of sunshine.


And here’s that aforementioned tram….


anndd one more office view, because it’s just so darn pretty.





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  • June 5, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    I really love how fun your writing is! And it’s so cool that you’re able to experience so many different things out of Berlin just by taking a different route. Glad you’re enjoying your internship and the incredible view!


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