Final Week at Fulbright in Warsaw

Last week was my final full week at the Fulbright Commission in Warsaw. Unfortunately, my internship was only for the month of May, but I do feel as though I have spent enough time here to gain a new perspective on my academic career. While doing my work for the Fulbright Commission, I was able to look over some of the fields that grantees are involved in. From molecular biology to American blues, Fulbright scholars come from the entire spectrum of academia. However, what I took away the most from looking into the bios of all the scholars is how passionate they are about their work and their fields. Many have gone on to continue their studies at prestigious universities in both the United States and Europe or have careers in well known companies. It does feel a little overwhelming seeing how much some of these scholars have achieved so far and I do question whether I am making the most of the opportunities that I come across in life. I have realized that all of these individuals have come so far because they are doing what they are truly passionate about and their success is just a natural result of that. I’m hoping that these stories of success drive me to find out what I want to pursue in life and utilize the rest of my academic career towards making that pursuit a reality.

One thought on “Final Week at Fulbright in Warsaw

  • June 5, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Sounds like a really fulfilling experience! It can be intimidating and unsettling not knowing what your passion is, but for some, it just takes some time to figure it out (which isn’t a bad thing at all!) I’m glad you enjoyed your time and we’re excited to have you hoMe 🙂


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