Ich Bin Ein Berliner Part 1

My internship title is business development at a startup called Wundertax. They are a tax return software company, similar to Turbotax. I had spent last summer in southern Germany and fallen in love with the country, and I knew that I wanted to explore other parts of Germany this summer. However, I also wanted an internship in a startup for this summer, so I began looking for opportunities where I could combine the two. I was immediately drawn to this company because it is the perfect mix of Germany and entrepreneurship, and I knew that I would learn a ton from being here.

I have been at my internship for a few weeks now, and have mostly been doing market research for the company. We are currently based only in Germany, but we have many plans to expand to further markets such as Canada, the US, etc. I have a list of 30+ countries that I have been analyzing through various indicators including Google searches, market size, tax peculiarities, competition, and so on. At the end of this project, this is the information that will be provided to investors to convince them of why we believe there will be a solid return on their investment if we expand into specific countries.

Being a part of a startup environment has been an amazing experience so far. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and there is a stronger emphasis on bonding as a workplace. However, the people working here are also very motivated and connected to the mission of the company. We are a fairly small office, with around 20 employees, but many of them are part-time students who are completing their required working hours for their university. I have met a good amount of locals through my coworkers and through social events, and I have also gotten to spend time with other interns from Michigan in Berlin.

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time both living in Berlin, and working at Wundertax. I’m excited for what the next weeks will bring and am confident that I will continue to learn and grow through my time here!

Checkpoint Charlie
Museum Island


Office Party


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