Moni | #2

On Naxos, I have been working in the village of Moni. We have built enclosures to house the lizards we are studying and will soon plant vegetables, as we are researching reptiles as biocontrol agents within agriculture. My favorite part of the project thus far has been catching the lizards for the enclosures. I have not had a lot of experience with reptiles but have quickly grown a great appreciation for them. The color morphs of Podarcis lizards is beautiful. Their throats can be bright orange and their backs vivid green. The males can be quite large while the females are typically small and dainty.

On top of working with Podarcis, I am creating a herbarium of our field site. I love pressing plants and am glad I am working on this project as soon many of the flowers will be gone due to the intense heat. The biodiversity here is threw the roof and I am constantly finding different plants that are unique to species I have seen before. I love the wildlife here.

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