My First Two Weeks in Detroit | #1

The city of Detroit is a lot different than I had expected it to be, that is for sure. I am driving home from the end of my second week here at Quicken Loans through the heart of downtown Detroit and I am amazed by everything around me. There is so much art, culture, and excitement that is fresh and new to the city that is trying desperately to make a comeback. I couldn’t be more excited for the weeks I have left in this internship program.


I love the relationship that Detroit and Quicken Loans has. Every employee here has this immense pride for being in Detroit. Everyone I have talked to truly believes that if you can make it in Detroit, you can make it anywhere. I love that spirit of innovation and hard work. There is so much courage in this city that I haven’t seen in the other cities I have been in. People here in Detroit really care about fixing all parts of the city and not letting the world get the last word about their city from a negative perception. Detroit is a really complex and complicated place. Dan Gilbert, the owner of Quicken Loans and the Quicken Loans Family of Companies, really stresses the importance of investing in the revitalization of Detroit. Within the first month of the internship program, every intern is required to take a bus tour of the entire city. This week, I got a chance to do that tour.


There is so much happening in this city that I got to see from that tour: The Detroit Riverwalk, the rebuilding of the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods, and the multitudes of business investments that are flooding into the city. This tour was interesting because not only did we see the beautiful parts of Detroit, we made sure to take a look at the parts that are struggling and falling apart- since it is equally important to the current state of the city.

While sightseeing the vast and changing city that I will be calling home for the next three months, I remember that our tour guide said something particularly interesting. He told our bus, “the entire world is watching the city of Detroit right now.” I found that to be fascinating, because if a city can come back from what Detroit has gone through, than the entire world can take a lesson from the resilient and beautiful city that is Detroit.


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  • June 15, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    How amazing to be working with a group of people who have the same passion for the city as you?! Can’t wait to hear more!


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