Personal identity in the news room | #3

I’m glad the topic of diversity came up for a blog post during my internship. Diversity in the workplace, especially in a news room, is something that has come up throughout my time on the Michigan Daily and is something I am cognizant of at Channel 4. At the Daily, we are looking to expand our staff through a series of efforts focused on outreach to different communities – not only with regard to race, but also socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and even age. It has been great to see a diverse range of individuals at Channel 4, showing that there is potential to have a diverse environment in journalism, and proving that it makes for more quality content as well. The best way to reach different groups of people is to have those groups represented in the workplace, and Channel 4 does a phenomenal job of this. As a woman, it is comforting to see women in managerial positions. As someone just two years from college graduation, it is reassuring to see a younger generation in the news room. On the flip side, it is nice to see the professional field of journalism – at least at Channel 4 – isn’t as female-dominated as the Daily, and it’s nice to see an older generation of workers, proving there can be stable jobs in a field often looked down upon for its alleged lack of stability. As I navigate this internship as a young, white, college-educated woman, I’ve been able to take into consideration more and learn to respect differing identities from my own. All are valuable in any workplace, especially for those who wish to innovate and remain sustainable.

As mentioned earlier, the Daily tends to be very female-dominated in many sections. However, I have heard the professional world of journalism tends to be quite the opposite, stemming from traditional news rooms where men were mostly in editing positions. Now, there are a number of women in higher up positions at Channel 4, with regard to all jobs – producers, anchors, reporters and editors. I am happy to be in an environment that is conducive to such advances in the workplace. Before, I was worried about the idea of stepping up in my career, but now, I feel there is enough ground – especially from what I’ve seen at Channel 4 – in journalism for women to be as successful as men, if not more so!

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