Blog 2: Work Culture

After my first week here, I have immersed myself into my new work environment. I have already networked with fellow interns as well as employees that I have had the opportunity to work with thus far.

Work culture is typically established by the way that culture is represented in the office via daily work practices, attitudes, and values. In my eyes, the values of an organization are the core of its culture.

To my employer, work culture seems to be very important. I can tell from the positivity that permeates throughout the office. Each and every employee of the firm is energetic, motivated, and professional. Additionally, the internship coordinator told us that we should not use our work email at home, allowing us the perfect work-life balance. While I do not expect the rest of my professional work days in my life to end at COB, it is nice to be working for people who challenge me but also care about me in the totality of my life.

When considering my ideal work culture, the elements that are most important to me are common work ethic, proactivity, formal/informal communication, and community. As I continue to develop professionally, these elements are key to me reaching my full potential.

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