Changing the Physical Work Environment/ #2

The HTC office is a very nice office to work at. The entrance to the building has a covered walkway with walls of artwork on either side. The rooms are modern with two conference rooms and a marketing room. However, the area around us looks a bit run down. The HTC physical workplace indicates exactly the goal we are working towards: to create modern, renovated buildings in this area of Cleveland. While the physical environment around us is not the type of environment where I would want to start a career, I know that we at HTC are working towards changing this environment to become the type of area I could see myself working in one day. That future area is a vibrant, modern area with attractions such as coffee shops and restaurants as well as a populated area, with more people and offices surrounding me.

One way we are changing this area is through utility box wraps. My supervisor and I are working on a project to enhance MidTown Cleveland by decorating the exterior of the utility boxes in this area. We have identified 18 different utility boxes in the area and plan to wrap 10-12 boxes with vibrant designs. I have attached a side-by-side picture of what the utility boxes currently look like, and what we hope they will become. I have been in contact with different local graphic designers so that I can compare different price estimates, and we are partnering with the Cleveland Institute of Art to create designs for us. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

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  • June 23, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    What an exciting project!


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