Life in the Valley II

The first week of work was difficult. It was not just the first day that installation happened. It took me until the end of the week to get everything set up. Every day is was coming into the office and running a single command line and then just sitting there and hoping for everything to install properly. On Thursday, we realized that the way we set it up was not compatible to the company settings. So, we started from scratch and ended doing a workaround method. Outside of that, I met the team and they are all really cool people. I got to walk and talk with the CEO and we were able to have a good conversation about what he expects from me and what I should expect from him.

On Friday, I wrote my first few lines of contribution to this company. I wrote 5 lines of code that was reviewed by my mentor and then pushed into the company’s code and I was very excited about that. Even if it is a little contribution, it still meant something to me. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute a lot more than 5 lines of company in these next 3 months.


We’ll see.

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