Office Environment | #2

Work culture is important to me because it is a huge factor in how comfortable one is at their job. One can find their dream job but can feel that something is off if the work culture isn’t what they were hoping for. For me at MetLife, the office’s work culture fits me very well because I am not an uptight person and the setting is very laid back. People work hard in their respective position and always get their work done but there is always room for a few jokes and a side conversation about last night’s sports game.  This relaxed culture is very important to my boss because it allows him build relationships with his employees. He wants to make sure that the people that work for him stay happy and enjoy coming to work each day, even if they are faced with heavy tasks ahead of them (especially during event season which is right around the corner). In my ideal work culture, there are many facets that are found here at MetLife that fit the bill: laid back setting, khakis and polo dress code and people who share a love for sports as I do. These factors have helped me transition smoothly into the work force here at MetLife and am excited for what lies ahead for the rest of the summer. Below I have attached an image of the plan room, my “home base” for the summer.

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