Week 3: Constituency Week

This week was slower than the rest, but still fun! My member of parliament was back in Vancouver visiting constituents, leaving the office empty except for me and the legislative assistants. To fill our days, we caught up on constituent letters, updated the calendar, and attended events on the hill. Due to the light workload and more free time than usual, I was able to talk to the legislative assistants more and I went out to lunch with them several times. During this time, I got to learn more about them and their current careers and future career goals. I found this time extremely beneficial because I want to go into politics, and I was able to grow closer with my office!

This weekend, I was lucky enough to have my family come visit. During their stay, I took them on a tour of parliament, showed them my favorite art museum, explored Chinatown, and got gelato in the Glebe neighborhood. While my parents were here, it was the first time I realized I had made Ottawa my home and knew the lay of the land. Walking around the city everyday has made me comfortable navigating and finding new places to eat and shop. I find it exciting that I can acclimate to a city in a small amount of time. Moving forward, I know I can take chances and explore new cities. Nothing can stop me!

One thought on “Week 3: Constituency Week

  • May 31, 2017 at 11:53 am

    It’s such a nice feeling when you realize you know enough about a new place to show someone else around! Sounds like a relaxing and satisfying week!


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