Week 3: When the MP is Away, the Interns…Continue to Make Outreach Calls!

This week was slow because Members of Parliament were in their respective Ridings, or constituent districts. However, this didn’t stop our offices from continuing our daily functions. We worked fewer hours, but used that time to take calls from constituents and make outreach calls to groups interested in our member’s movements. In addition, we used this time to look to the future: We advanced our private member’s bills by making outreach calls to other MPs, scheduled meetings and interviews for the coming weeks, and met to discuss general strategy moving forward.
While the week was slow, this weekend went surprisingly fast. A small group of Michigan Interns spent both days taking advantage of uncommonly good days in the Ottawa-Gatineau Area. Saturday was spent hiking in the hills of nearby Gatineau Park. For being so near a metro area, it was surprising to be greeted by waterfalls and serene landscapes every time there was an opening. When we reached the top, we were able to see down into the local natural springs on one side, and all the way back to Ottawa on the other. Sunday was spent in the park near Parliament Hill, just enjoying our first weekend completely free in the city.

One thought on “Week 3: When the MP is Away, the Interns…Continue to Make Outreach Calls!

  • June 5, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    I’m glad you got a chance to relax! The view looks and sounds really serene and amazing 🙂


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