While diversity can be a hard thing to face, there are also times when it makes situations better. At every work place you are dealing with people off different backgrounds, values, interests and personalities; depending on the situation it can make work difficult or allow for expanded opportunities that can led to success. At my workplace, there is definitely some diversity amongst the employees, however I find that it benefits the company more than hurts it. While I am someone who is an athlete, very into fashion and shopping, and goes to school at University of Michigan; there is others who go to UPenn, Oneonta, Syracuse, and Manhattan college. There are some who love to explore nature, sit in their room for hours looking for new music or go see new artists performing. We are all very different but that is why the internship team works. We are able to bring all our different opinions and personalities to complete these projects and relate to all different target audiences. One of the main differences I found about myself compared to others is the type of music I listen to. I haven’t always been that into music, I love the entertainment industry however I never made music my focus. However there are a couple interns who live and study music, they know all the new artists and they like listening to unique, indie-hip hop… they hate the popular, top 40 music. While they are at an advantage over me because our company looks for the newly discovered, unique, indie hip-hop, it doesn’t mean that I’m not able to perform just as well. I’ve learned so many new artists already and have continued to start to explore myself. Yes the diversity in our tastes of music is different, it’s not a problem.

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