ALSAC Office: Blog #2


To me, work culture means a shared attitude, clear processes, and a mission/goal oriented office. The mission  at St. Jude is evident and all employees work tirelessly inside and outside of the office. Every task in the office is dedicated to the kids and families affected by childhood cancer. Daily sacrifices and struggles never seem large compared to the people we are working for. This is why our office works so well as a team!

The shared dedication to this amazing cause is reflected in not only the office work ethic, busy days, and collaboration, but the dedication is also shown through the positive attitude of everyone within the ALSAC St. Jude community. The intern office is lively and doors all over our small building are almost always open. Our supervisors exhibit trust and patience with the interns. We all play a large part in some of our projects, for me the St. Jude Walk/Runs to End Childhood Cancer. Two employees started working here the same day as the interns, so they are learning alongside us. My supervisor is one of the new members of the office so as the weeks go on I feel us both learning the ropes and gaining confidence.

I think a crucial part of a successful internship is gaining the trust of your supervisor so they have confidence in giving you important tasks. During my first week, I was assigned a mailing and gift project for fundraisers. We are printing 1000 wristbands that I designed, which makes me feel like I actually completed something big (which I never felt in my past internship). I also got to go on my first business trip to Toledo with a fellow intern, where we appeared on the local news doing a Telethon for our Dream Home Giveaway. We were thrown into a St. Jude event which allowed us to see the ins and outs of the organization. This also exhibits how active and involved interns are here, another important part of a good internship. Without being tasked with important projects, taking part in events, or feeling mutual confidence in each other, I could not gain much from an internship. Here at St. Jude I feel like an important member of the team every single day which encourages me to go the extra mile.

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