Blog 2- Family

Reflecting back on the two weeks I have spent at the TGQ Law Firm, I have quickly seen that what is truly valued here; it is the sense of family. From what I have observed, everyone is invested in everyone as a person. From the talks about how everyone’s families are doing to what everyone is getting their mothers for Mother’s Day, I see that a family environment is a very crucial element to this law firm. Growing up my parents instilled in my sisters and I, that you spend more hours during the week with your coworkers than you do with your own family, so you better truly enjoy your work environment. After spending merely two weeks here, I do truly see that everyone in the office genuinely enjoys one another’s presence and looks to help each other in any way they can. Facilitating a family culture, I am for certain, is part of the reason the firm is experiencing success. If people enjoy who the work with, and who they work for, they ultimately will want to produce their bests results without hesitancy.

After being apart of this work environment, I know that this is the type of environment I want when I eventually pursue my professional career. I appreciate the low stress, family environment that I am interning at. A work culture that places a high emphasis on creating a family environment is something I value very much so and cannot see myself giving up when I go to work full time.

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