BLOG 2: Work Culture

I started my internship Tuesday two weeks ago. My workplace is pretty different than I expected. Honestly speaking, I didn’t have very high expectation towards Amazon building, because there are a lot of gossip saying that the working environment isn’t that good. However, I don’t think that is true after I join the team. The office located in downtown Seattle, and we can see very good scenery from our office. Even though I am the only female and also the youngest one, I feel very comfortable in my workplace. Other colleagues are all very willing to help, and they are all very funny, so the office is always full of ‘programmers’ jokes’. My workplace is pretty diverse in terms of race. There are people from Europe, Asia, India, South America and also North America in my team, although there are about 15 in total. We have a corner for snacks, and colleagues will bring snacks from home in turns. Because of the diversity, every day we can try snacks from different continents. That’s really awesome. However, I don’t think there are conversations/plans around enhancing diversity, since everyone is talking about website, and there’re always new issues happening on the website. For me, I still feel a little challenging to talk to the colleagues that are much older than me. I’m challenging myself to have some conversation with my colleagues and also trying to know them more.

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