Blog Post #2 – What are you learning about leadership from your internship experience?

I have come to learn that children learn by example. Knowing this information is essential when working inside of the gym with the children. I need to be sure I am constantly paying full attention to all of the safety rules and performing the skills properly when demonstrating them for the children. I have found that one child has come to be a leader for the rest of the group, especially her twin sister. It has been a pleasure teaching her and watching her grow into the mature and responsible individual. I have taught her what leadership means and how special it is to be a leader. I know allow her to lead the group stretches, some demonstrations and goodbye song. She feels important and special which motivates the other children to act in a similar, responsible manner. This allows the class to run smoothly and the children to advance at a healthy rate. I am excited to help form more of the children into leaders!

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