“Dessert before Dinner”: My first week on the job in the UK

Last week was my first week as a summer intern at the private consulting firm Atlantic Customer Solutions based in London, UK. Besides the fact that I have this amazing opportunity to work abroad, I also feel thankful that I have the opportunity to work with this particular company.

As my director said it best, this week was like “dessert before dinner”, meaning that all the exciting parts of the internship would happen first and the work would come later.

This very much turned out to be true as it was one of the most influential, interesting, and hectic weeks I’ve had during a professional experience. To emphasize this I started my first day with my director commuting to Cambridge for a special workshop they conduct with local government authorities and commissioners in regards to social care in the UK. That topic alone was enough to get engaged and throw that together with actually meeting, speaking, and listening to the very people who make the complicated social care system work within the NHS made for  a very exciting first day on my part. In fact, it was the first official day I met my director in person.

The following Monday we began work on a Safety and Leadership workshop series run twice annual commuting to Cambridge to work in the Moller Centre at the University of Cambridge which is a phenomenal event location. The minute I showed up my director invited me into a meeting I would later find out was very important to the facilitation and design of the whole event. In that meeting alone I met 6 individuals in senior roles at Shell. Later in the week I had opportunities to meet 30+ more including the External VP of Exploration for Shell and the former CEO of Aera Energy in California.

So to say the least, it was probably more like dessert to start my career considering being involved in that level of caliber in a company probably won’t happen till a few years after graduation and the start of a “real” job.

One thought on ““Dessert before Dinner”: My first week on the job in the UK

  • June 5, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    This sounds so exciting! I bet you gained a lot of experience and insight talking with so many individuals in senior roles.


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