First Day on the Job | Blog Post #1


  • Describe opportunities and challenges that you foresee your internship presenting
    • Today was technically my second day on the job with EcoWorks Detroit, an energy consulting group, that focuses its efforts on improving clean energy systems in the southeast areas of Detroit. Being that consulting was always a passion of mine–coming up with strategic plans to help people achieve goals in the most effective way possible–this opportunity really stood out when searching for internships. Working in the that raised me was a definite plus, too! On my first day of work,  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and getting a feel for the office. All my coworkers seem pretty tight-knit and genuine about their goal to improve lives within the communities they serve. I could see major opportunities being me increasing my domain knowledge for political processes in the city, gaining a lot of hard skills like data analysis, project management, and being able to engage community residents. Some of the challenges I might face include not being able to understand all the jargon used in these documents they’ve got me reading, and not being able to solve market-related problems as quickly as they’d probably expect from a U0fM student. I have faith that these issues wont persist after a couple of weeks on the job, though. I really am excited to see what’s in store for me over the next 10 weeks!
  • Share 5 photos that capture a day in your shoes as an intern.
    • Unfortunately, my cell phone broke 8 days before I started my internship, so I won’t be able to take any pictures until I’m able to buy a new one. Trust me, though, the office is pretty nice, and the people are always smiling. Not to mention, the actual city is downright gorgeous, too!
  • Whoops! Talk about your first mess-up in your internship and how you resolved the issue
    • So, this is pretty embarrassing, but on my second day on the job, I arrived 30 minutes late. The issue was that the day before, we were scheduled to clock in at 9:30am, so I thought that was the normal schedule. When I pulled into the parking lot today (my second day) at 8:55am, I literally sat in my car for 30 minutes thinking I was way too early. Good thing my supervisor was understanding about it. She only threw a stapler at me when I walked through the door, haha. Just kidding. She thought it was pretty funny that I was in the parking lot the whole time baking in the sun. After that, though, I guarantee I’ll never be late again.


Erin R.

Hey! I'm a senior at the University of Michigan, studying Sociology and Education. I'll be interning at EcoWorks Detroit, with the UROP program (Detroit Community-Based Research Program). I love writing blog posts, so sit back, relax, and read my thoughts.

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