First Week: Blog #1

ALSAC is the fundraising and awareness organization  for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Thanks to the funding raised by ALSAC, families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing, or food so their only worry is about helping their child live.

I started my internship with ALSAC St. Jude on May 8. By my second day, I had already met with every employee, was assigned my projects for the summer, and had a moving and inspiring conference call with a mother of a St. Jude child who passed away. The office is lively and everyone in it is truly dedicated to supporting the hospital, children, families, and donors. My areas of focus for the summer will be the Detroit and Ann Arbor Walk/Runs, Northwood University Up ‘Til Dawn, the Heroes Program, and Sunday of Hope. I will also be traveling to attend events outside my area of focus as much as possible, such as the Traverse City Gala and Brighton Danny Thomas Golf Invitational.

My first goal for this internship is to get the most out of the experience by fully immersing myself in the job and extra events.My goal is to always work hard and to never be lazy, which I will accomplish by going the extra mile and asking for more tasks. My other goal is to bring fresh ideas into the office through event planning and adding new donors. While I am already extremely proud and passionate of this cause, I hope to gain a new appreciation for the behind the scenes work that goes into making sure St. Jude has the $2.2 million a day it needs to provide a place of happiness and hope for families around the world. Though the kids come first, I hope to gain professional skills and experience useful for the non-profit sector and beyond.


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