Here goes nothing | #1

Hello and welcome to the beginning of Leslie’s quest to become Peggy Olson!  I am the account management intern at Dalton Agency, an advertising agency that was named Ad Age’s 2015 Small Agency of the Year-Southeast!

This summer, on top of the things I want to accomplish actually in regards to the field, one of the biggest things I hope to accomplish is to learn how to work in a workplace.  I’m rather an introvert: I retreat into myself when stressed and often times prefer to work by myself.  I’m not the biggest fan of group projects; I’m a perfectionist and hold myself and others to a high standard and get frustrated when others miss that mark.  But the thing is, everyone has a different way of measuring her success.  Another’s mark might be different than mine and she might accomplish it in a totally different way, but it’s no less worthy or valid than mine.  Advertising requires a lot of team work and everyone got there because they’re accomplished and deserving.  I hope to get better at recognizing that and not getting frustrated when others (or, truly, I, as I am my harshest critic) make mistakes.

What do I want to most hope to gain from this internship? I guess that would be really an understanding of if I want to go into advertising.  I decided I wanted to work in advertising sophomore year of high school somewhat arbitrarily.  I love studying language and people and so this seemed like a good fit (while being a more stable career than acting or novel writing), but I’d never actually done it.  There are many things I thought I would like until I actually tried them (see my one day of 8th grade basketball try-outs), so I am a firm believer in experience being the best indicator.  Even if I walk out of this summer realizing “oh my GOODNESS this is the last thing I want to do with my life,” that’s just as valuable as realizing that it is.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll realize if account management is the path for me ~stay tuned!

(Truth be told, I haven’t actually watched Mad Men, which makes me feel like an advertising fraud so that is the other journey I’m undertaking this summer!)



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