#1 Goals

One of my internship goals is leaving it with some tangible results, to be able to finish the project assigned to me successfully. For me, the primary purpose of the internship is to gain a practical work experience in a software development engineering occupation and strengthen my resume by having visible work experiences to develop my career. To accomplish that, I want to successfully complete the project and be able to explain what I have done. Also, I am still not sure which area of web development I want to go to, and I wish to have more concrete ideas about it by the end of the internship.

Another internship goal is to network with other interns and build professional relationships with supervisors and teammates. I want to talk to people from different backgrounds and learn about them. I wish to gain new perspectives in the software engineering development and in life. The people I network will be a good source for getting advice and tips from their years of experience and will help me to be more open-minded and accepting.

I hope this internship experience will help me to learn real-life work skills, knowledge and grow as a better me.


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