A New Perspective | #3

I think a something that has long been a part of my personal identity has been my identity as a sports fan, as I have long been an enthusiastic supporter of both collegiate and professional sports teams.  I was the kid who knew everything about every sport team, and I watched every game and lived and died with my times.  However, this internship has certainly changed my perspective.  On the first day, one anchor told us that we will begin to root for individuals instead of teams, and I quickly understood what he meant.

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate to attend the second Lions OTA (Organized Team Activity) at the Lions’ facility in Allen Park.  After watching practice, I was able to hold the microphone as our reporter asked players questions.  One particular player we interviewed caught my eye immediately.  An undrafted rookie from Cincinnati, there is a very slim chance this particular player makes the roster.  However, he mat have been one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  He took the time to talk to me after his interview finished, and he was incredibly respectful of the media unlike some of the other players.  I could sense just how grateful this player was of his opportunity, and I know from now on I am going to keep tabs on this person and root for him.

In this light, my perspective on sports has already changed having been exposed to the individuals who make up these teams, and I definitely see how I will begin to root more for people than teams.

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