Learning about the education system as well as other people’s experiences growing up, I’ve come to realize how privileged but also sheltered I have been. I attended a dominantly caucasian public school in the suburbs of NY. A school that lacked cultural and socioeconomic diversity. This realization of how much I took my education for granted, sparked a curiosity of different types of schools people went through as well as how classroom’s and school’s affect our development.

For the next 3 months, I will be suffering through a very long, 2 hour (one way), commute to intern at a non-profit organization and charter school called DREAM. I took this internship despite the commute because I felt that I would be able to learn of a variety of different aspects of education through this, whether it’s teaching or the behind the scenes work of educating students. During this internship, I will be working with an education specialist to work on their Summer curriculum, managing and organizing instructional materials, etc. As an aspiring educator, I hope this opportunity will open up my eyes to different and new aspects of the education system. I hope to learn more about charter schools, classroom management, and gain experience in the in’s and outs of how a school is run. I am a little nervous, being that the demographics of this school is very different from the community I’ve grown up in and have always been surrounded by. I’m slightly afraid of what to expect with the work I will be doing. Nonetheless, I am excited to learn, to meet the other interns, and gain more exposure on a small part of the education system.

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