Internship Goals #1

Through my internship with Mosaic Media Group, I hope to accomplish the creation of interpersonal relationships with the seasoned executives of the entertainment industry. By consistently networking and finding ways to spark of conversation with the managers and producers in the office, these moments will garner potential opportunities for my future. I have learned in a short period of time that connections are a huge facet of this field and hopefully by talking with those superior to me, I can also see their perspective on how to best approach my future.

From this experience, I hope to gain a greater understanding of the the industry I am so dead set on spending the rest of my life in. Being in college, I can read and watch as many stories about Hollywood as there are, but nothing compares to being eye witness to the entire production.  By understanding the inner workings of an entertainment management company, I hope to also gain the ability to see if this is the correct path for me. There are many varying avenues I can go down and, hopefully by August, I will see if this is what I want to do, or can move on to follow a different track in the entertainment industry.

One thought on “Internship Goals #1

  • June 2, 2017 at 2:33 pm

    It sounds like you’ll have quite the summer of networking and exploration ahead of you. Best wishes with the start of your internship, Katherine!


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