My Halfway Point in Rural Japan | #3

I am here, halfway through my trip. I have realized that this is not a job I want to have in my future. The hours have been grueling and the time off too little for me to properly function as a human being here. That being said, a new time has begun here in the middle of nowhere. I was informed that apparently only the months of May and August are remotely as crowded and busy as the last three weeks have been. I think it was likely better to be told after the fact, but who knows. I have become better at this job than I thought I could become. I’ve overcome the furnaces with the help of the other interns- we were only two as of ten days ago but now we are five as of yesterday. I know how to build a fire, a proper, good fire now. I’m still not that great at it, but I know exactly how. I’m proud of that. It’s the biggest accomplishment I’ve made in my brief time here and I feel like it’s the only one I’ll have that is very tangible. I’m collecting these skills that I hope to never use again. I guess re-purposing them in my different jobs is the way to go then, no?

I will hopefully never re-use the skills I have learned in animal care. I am unfortunately far too cold of a person to love animals more than I am bothered by them. However, the goats have somehow been growing on me. They are cute. But still, never again.

After this weekend, I only have two weeks left. Next weekend I will be in Tokyo, with friends, and the following weekend I’ll do the same again before going home. Soon enough.

One thought on “My Halfway Point in Rural Japan | #3

  • June 1, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Adam it’s impressive that you have conquered the furnace! Seems like if you are ever asked in an interview for a time you overcame a challenge you’ll have plenty of stories to tell.


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