Quiet | #3

Something that I have always prided myself in is being quite outgoing. In a room full of people, I am usually the first one to break the ice and introduce myself. Being outgoing may be due to the fact that I am a middle child of a very loud family, meaning to be heard and receive attention I had to be outgoing and loud.

Being the middle child in my family means being pushed out of the front seat, even on prom. I had to fight for my seat and attention, which has led to my outgoingness.

Last year at my internship, I made sure I introduced myself to everyone–full-time staff and every intern. I quickly made friends with the entire office and formed a close friend group. I never had a problem walking into the office and chatting with any of the sales guys or even the COO.

Me and some of my friends from last summer leading the YMCA at a Opening Day 2017–even when I am not interning, I am being outgoing and showing off

This summer I have found that my identity of being the “outgoing” person has been dismantled. I don’t walk into the office and start up a conversation with any of the full-time staff members. I have found that this has made me more reserved in other aspects of my professional life; I am less likely to ask to tag along to meetings and sit in on phone calls, and I am less likely to shoutout and ask if anyone wants to get lunch for the day.

Being outgoing is what has led me to so many of my leadership positions and striving at whatever I do. In this position this summer, whatever has led me to being less outgoing and more quiet has me feeling like a fish out of water. Perhaps I am still getting accustomed to the new office and work environment, perhaps because I am the only intern and feel out numbered. I am hoping that whatever the reason, I quickly regain my outgoing personality at the office and am able to show everyone what being the middle child does to someone!

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