#5: Food in Macedonia

One unexpected fact about the country is that Macedonian people seem to LOVE meat…or maybe that was just unexpected to me; nevertheless, after a month here in Skopje, I have discovered that if I plan to go to a traditional Macedonian restaurant I better be in the mood to eat some meat. I may sound dramatic here but let me paint a picture for you: you walk into a restaurant and look at the menu, when you get to the pages depicting the main dishes you quickly scan through and realize EVERY PAGE JUST HAS A MEAT DISH, and the small options for sides are very tucked away and perhaps lacking depending on what you’re looking for. So you’ve walked into this restaurant and you figure a burger is probably a safe bet, yet when it comes out it is literally just an extra large meat patty with a couple of pieces of potatoes and lettuce on the side (I did that a couple of times until I learned to be absolutely sure that there would be a bun involved when I ordered a burger). This tends to be the case with most of the dishes. Unless you explicitly order it, do not expect anything to come with any side dishes. I wish I had an actual picture to show you all but it turns out that I am kind of terrible at taking every day photos (as it is , the above photo is the inside of the National Macedonian Restaurant and not a very interesting part at that). Now all of this is not to say that the food here is terrible; on the contrary it is actually extremely delicious! While the meat here is plentiful and the dominant part of the course, it is usually quite delicious if not a tad excessive.  Luckily,I have not really had anything that is bad, and there is a small really nice variety of food options if you want something besides meat to be on the menu. For instance, a dish I have come to love and order every single time it is available has been the Shopska Salad. It is incredibly simple in that it is simply olive oil, cucumber, tomatoes, and Bulgarian cheese; however, it is incredibly delicious. I highly recommend if you get a chance.


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  • June 6, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Wow, that is so interesting! I wonder how meat (and other food) is viewed in Macedonian culture, and what factors led to such a large quantity of meat in the diet. Perhaps herding animals was more suited to the climate rather than growing crops? Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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