Blog post #1

The first week at Luxottica has been very exciting and I have been greeted with a very warm welcome. The first day of orientation took place in Port Washington, New York. During orientation, I met the other twelve interns who will be working between the Port Washington and Midtown office during the summer. During orientation, we learned about Luxottica’s company structure and their current market presence. We were also given a tour of the building, and introduced to our department supervisors.

I will be working as a sales intern in the luxury department store sales accounts, and I am very excited to learn more about the luxury retail market through the lenses of the largest optical company in the world.

One of Dr. Randall S. Handell’s keys to internship success is to never shun an opportunity to learn more about the industry. I am very interested in pursuing a career in retail/sales and although my previous internship was related to sales, this is my first internship in a corporate environment and I believe there is a lot more opportunities for me to learn.

Another goal I would like to set is using my interns and fellow employees as resources and to venture outside of my department this summer. I am very excited to tackle the upcoming tasks throughout my internship.

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